Real Solutions is designed to take Real Colors participants to the next level of understanding how Real Colors creates a system to process stressful and uncomfortable situations. Real Solutions is a dynamic workshop that takes difficult situations that occur in relationships and shows how Real Colors concepts can make a difference. Successful change management is a core component of Real Solutions.

Ideal Group Size: 15-20 participants

Approximate Workshop Time: 4 hours. This can be done in one workshop session, or the activities can be broken up over the course of multiple, shorter sessions.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Identify what causes each temperament to become upset/angry
  2. Explore what happens to each temperament, physically and emotionally, when upset/angry
  3. Identify ways to resolve situations with each temperament
  4. Identify the differences in how each temperament responds to change
  5. Explore ways to successfully implement change in a manner that is ideal for each temperament

Activities Include:

  • Admires, Baffles, Questions – Through 1:1 conversations, participants will gain insight into how others view them, clarify common misperceptions, and gain a better understanding of each temperament.
  • The Rest of the Story – For each color, participants will understand what causes anger, how that stress/anger/upset manifests physically and emotionally. They will also learn how to communicate to successfully reach a resolution.
  • The Only Constant Is Change + Convincing a Color to Change  – Change is never easy, but managing change with Real Colors in mind allows participants to become change agents who are able to motivate and empower others through the change process.
  • Advertise Your Color – After working through hard topics like stress, anger, and change, this fun closing activity celebrates the strengths of each color and reinforces why we need each of the four colors.

Additional Resources Included:

  • Real Colors Skills Sets
  • Coping with Stress
  • When You Are Stressed
  • Working With Colors to Reduce Stress