Brand new to the Real Colors library, Real Solutions is a course designed to take Real Colors participants to the next level of understanding how Real Colors creates a system to process stressful and uncomfortable situations. Real Solutions is a dynamic workshop that takes difficult situations that occur in relationships and shows how Real Colors concepts can make a difference.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Identify what causes each temperament to become upset/angry
  2. Explore what happens to each temperament, physically and emotionally, when upset/angry
  3. Identify ways to resolve situations with each temperament
  4. Identify the differences in how each temperament responds to change
  5. Explore ways to successfully implement change in a manner that is ideal for each temperament

Topics and Activities include:

  • Admires, Baffles, Questions
  • Which Is Their Song?
  • The Rest of the Story – Upset/Angry
  • The Only Constant Is Change
  • Convincing a Color to Change
  • Advertise Your Color
  • Real Colors Skills Sets
  • Coping with Stress
  • When You Are Stressed
  • Working With Colors to Reduce Stress