Read how Real Colors affects the organizations and individual lives of people who use it.

What an Inclusive Workplace Looks Like and How to Achieve It

Representation across a broad spectrum of diverse individuals starts with your recruitment efforts, but it by no means ends there. An inclusive workplace requires internal skill-building and ongoing commitment from leadership and management.

U.S. Bank – Ascent Private Capital Management

“What many advisors don’t realize is how much more effective advice can be when delivered in a manner that uniquely matches a client’s temperament and desired communication style.”

Life Beyond Sport – Real Colors and Athletics

“It’s so rewarding to see the “a-ha” moments that transpire when individuals learn why they do what they do, and—equally as important—why their teammates do what they do.”

Victoria Macmillan

“Creating and supporting an atmosphere where talent can be expressed and nurtured individually and through teamwork will poise an organization for great things.”

Kern Delta Communications

“It’s not unusual to hear participants say that some problem they used to argue about is now something they can laugh about. There’s nothing more gratifying to my ears.”

Rob Walford Team Building & Consulting Services

“Time and time again, during the course of sessions you could see the light go on as people began to understand not only their own temperament but how it influenced the way they provided and received communication. They learned to appreciate temperament differences and learned skills on how to bring out the hidden Real Colors inside of them.”