Can I host a Real Colors workshop at my organization?

Organizations that have more than 15 people to attend a workshop can arrange for a Real Colors Master Facilitator to come to them. Contact us for more information.

Can I deliver Real Colors myself?

To purchase and/or deliver the Real Colors® Personality Instrument, you must be a Real Colors Certified Facilitator. Learn more about becoming a facilitator.

How do I discover my Real Colors?

There are three ways to experience Real Colors! Learn more here.

I just took a Real Colors workshop. How can I learn more?

We offer three books to give more information on how to apply Real Colors to all areas of your life, and are available for purchase in our store.These are The Real Colors® Homeowner’s Guide, Real Parenting, and Real Relationships. Also, you can visit Realcolors.me, where you will find a great deal of information about your color and more!

Can I find a Real Colors facilitator in my area?

NCTI can help. Contact us using the form below to find a facilitator near you.

Can I buy a Real Colors Personality Instrument?

Only Real Colors Certified Facilitators are able to purchase the Real Colors Personality Instrument. As this instrument is designed solely for delivery in a workshop setting, we cannot allow uncertified individuals to purchase them.

I have been to a 4 hour Real Colors workshop. Can I print a certificate?

Yes! Realcolors.me is a website designed just for you. Once you have logged in, you will be able to print a certificate for your 4-hour workshop, or for any of our other advanced workshops.