At one time or another, everyone reaches a point where they wonder, “Why do people do the things they do?”

The answer may surprise you!

The fact is, everyone has a distinct temperament spectrum comprised of four colors: Blue, Gold, Orange and Green.

NCTI’s exclusive Real Colors Personality Instrument is presented in a fast, fun, interactive format where participants can learn how to quickly identify their own temperament or “color” and that of others. Using this powerful knowledge, they can develop more effective communication skills and build better relationships, in and out of the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify their own—and other people’s—Real Colors and personal strengths
  • Understand the different ways people process information
  • Communicate with others in the most effective way possible—including hearing what they’re really saying
  • Recognize and appreciate the strengths and viewpoints of others
  • Apply Real Colors principles in all areas of their lives

As a result, people who take the Real Colors workshop will gain insight into:

  • The things most important to them
  • The secret of what motivates them