Real Teams is designed to help your organization gain insights and understanding about your team’s dynamics through Real Colors concepts. Through this workshop, participants will be taken through a series of fast-paced and fun activities, allowing them to learn the strengths of each of the Real Colors through first-hand interaction.

Participants will learn to:

  1.  Describe the common characteristics of a successful team
  2.  Recall at least two strengths each Real Color brings to the team
  3.  Discuss the differences between the four Real Colors regarding the building and maintaining of team trust
  4.  Examine the opportunity for self-growth and how this positively impacts the team
  5.  Effectively and appropriately apply Real Colors concepts when working on a team

Topics and Activities include:

  • Introduction Exercise
  • River of 1,000 Deaths
  • Teams and Trust
  • I’ve Got the Power
  • Real Colors Skills Sets
  • Real Colors Team Strengths
  • Real Colors and Trust
  • Real Teams: Looking Through the Lens
  • Engaging Each Temperament as a Team Player
  • There Is No “I” in Team