Real Leadership is applicable for emerging leaders to c-suite executives. Participants start by evaluating their leadership strengths and build on these strengths through small and large group activities that include public speaking, listening skills, empowering others, and developing a personal leadership plan.

Ideal Group Size: 10-20 participants

Approximate Workshop Time: 4 hours. This can be done in one workshop session, or the activities can be broken up over the course of multiple, shorter sessions.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Define leadership in a way that can be succinctly communicated to others.
  2. Explain his/her leadership strengths by reflecting on his/her natural leadership preferences.
  3. Explore, practice, and apply skills related to public speaking, listening skills, and empowering others.
  4. Create a personal leadership plan that is a culmination of capitalizing on personal strengths and purposeful application of skills learned.

Activities Include:

  • Defining Leadership – One can find many definitions of leadership. The group will work together to develop a single, mutually agreed upon definition of leadership to reference during the course of the workshop.
  • Capitalize on Your Strengths – Participants will take a self-survey to evaluate their leadership skills and discuss leading from their strengths.
  • Speaking to Inspire Action – This exercise will give leaders questions to ask themselves to ensure their message resonates with their audience and inspires action from the listener.
  • Listening to Learn – In this activity, participants will be challenged to develop their skills to more effectively receive messages, or listen actively.
  • Speaking and Listening Skills in Action –  This activity gives participants the opportunity to combine and apply their new speaking and listening skills.
  • Empowering Others – Leaders who desire to develop others don’t hold on to power. They give it away and empower others to success. This activity is focused on knowing what the different Real Colors need to feel successful.
  • Putting It All Together: Personal Leadership Plan – This culminating activity challenges participants to evaluate what they have learned and develop an action plan for how to apply this learning.

Additional Resources Included:

  • Remember Your Strengths!
  • Real Colors Skill Sets
  • Defining Leadership – Word List
  • Defining Leadership – Strengths of Each Color
  • Listening Skills
  • Supporting the Colors for Success
  • SMART Goals
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Are Leaders Born or Made?