Welcome to Professional Development with Real Colors! Real Colors is not just a workshop – it is a way to communicate effectively and connect deeply with others. We are excited to continue to learn and grow together.


Day Start & End Times
Thursday, August 1 9:00am - 12:00pm Pacific

Real Colors: Emotional Intelligence

In this session, you will gain a foundational understanding of emotional intelligence and the importance of using Real Colors as a tool to develop personal and social-emotional intelligence skills.

Simply stated, emotional intelligence is our ability to recognize and understand our own emotions as well as recognizing and understanding emotions in others. Real Colors can help build your emotional intelligence, specifically your self-awareness and help with your self-management – how you respond to, or manage, your emotions. No matter how you feel about your ability to build strong relationships, there is always room for improvement. We constantly learn by watching other’s emotions, evaluating our own emotions and reactions, and then applying this knowledge to understand others better. The better we are at this, the stronger our relationships become. One size doesn’t fit all, and neither does one reaction, behavior, or action, so practice and consistent reflection is the pathway to building emotional intelligence that sprouts new and grows existing relationships. During this workshop you will tie together what you know about yourself, your emotions, and Real Colors to build stronger relationships.

Prior participation in a Real Colors Foundational Workshop is required. If you don’t know your Real Colors, start here, and then come back to keep learning.

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