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Day Start & End Times
Thursday, June 20 10:00am PST - 11:00am PST

Developing Strategic Thinking with Real Colors

Possible Discussion questions include:

  • How do your colors come into play as a strategic thinker?
  • Because we are a mix of all four colors, how do our Colors Spectrums impact our strategic planning?
  • How can we leverage what we know about ourselves, others, and Real Colors to be more effective strategic thinkers?
  • How can Real Colors principles be integrated into the strategic planning process to foresee potential challenges and opportunities?
  • What specific strategies have you employed to leverage the diverse thinking styles of your team in strategic decision-making?
  • How does your Real Colors profile influence your problem-solving approach?
  • Share a situation where understanding different Real Colors perspectives helped you arrive at a more effective solution.
  • What steps can leaders take to ensure that all Real Colors personality types are effectively contributing to the team’s strategic goals?
  • What have you learned about your own strategic thinking strengths and areas for improvement through the Real Colors assessment?
  • How can you further develop your strategic thinking skills by leveraging your Primary and Secondary Colors?
  • How can organizations benefit from incorporating Real Colors into their strategic planning and leadership development programs?
  • Share a real-world example where understanding Real Colors led to a successful strategic outcome.
  • What additional resources or support would help you apply Real Colors principles more effectively in your strategic initiatives?

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