Keep Real Colors Alive Memberships

Continue the momentum in your organization…

Keep Real Colors Alive is a series of short, engaging activities designed to maintain the excitement and effectiveness of the Real Colors experience for your team.

Our goal is to keep Real Colors® alive and well in your organization and to use Real Colors® for more effective communication, improved morale, and increased productivity.

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Exclusive Memberships gain access to content such as

Certified Facilitator Activities
A Real Colors certified facilitator, regardless of experience, should be able to read the activity, collect the necessary materials, and facilitate with minimal preparation. Activities are 30-60 minutes in length.
Team Leader Meeting Starters

These meeting starters are short-answer questions, designed to get everyone in a meeting to share quickly, and serving as a simple Real Colors refresher.

Team Leader 5 and 15 Minute Activities

These 5 and 15-minute small group activities for team leaders are designed to help participants continue to recall and apply Real Colors foundational knowledge. No facilitation experience is required!.

Team Leader Long-Form Content

This informative “long-form” content is designed for organizations to use in newsletters, bulletin boards, or email distribution. 

Team Leader Short-Form Content

This Informative “short-form” content is designed for organizations to use on intranet posting, social media, as a tip of the week, or as a “point to ponder” in closing a meeting.

Memberships for Everyone in your Organization

Annual Membership options for Certified facilitators or any leader who has completed a Real Colors workshops.