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Wednesday, April 12 1:00pm PST - 2:00pm PST

Real Colors and Misconceptions

Most of us have felt misunderstood or mislabeled at some point in our careers, and the disconnect usually stems from a misalignment of intent with others’ experiences. Perhaps you can relate to one of the following:

  • “I don’t mean to come across as competitive; I am just committed to delivering for our customers.”
  • “I DO want to collaborate—why do people see me as selfish?”
  • “I’m not disengaged or disinterested. I just prefer to listen and reflect before offering an opinion.”
  • “I’m comfortable talking about feelings, and my co-workers think I’m weak.”

Despite your best intentions, others’ perceptions of you become your reputation.

Resistance to constructive feedback is natural. But regardless of your intent, the impact of your actions on others is real, meaningful, and should be taken seriously. The truth is others will treat you and respond to you in a manner consistent with their perceptions of you. In other words, people’s perceptions of you will have real and measurable consequences. Regardless of who you know you are, who others think you are matters.

During our next Real Colors Roundtable Discussion, we will discuss some misconceptions surrounding each Temperament and how to transition that negativity into something more positive.

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