How to Build a Positive Workplace Environment

2A positive work environment is more than just the occasional proverbial pat on the head for a job well done or room for growth and promotion. The culture of an office is key to healthy, happy employees. Since the office is where many spend most of their time, making a better workplace can lead to having more productive, happier employees.

1. Communication between Managers and Employees

Scheduling meetings, bi-annually, can help members of a company relate to their employees. With annual reviews, it shouldn’t fall on the employees to have only their performance evaluated. It just as important and beneficial to give them a chance to talk about things that are and are not working for them in their position, their ideal plans for the future and their place in it. Most importantly, be sure that the employees feel heard.

2. Give Thanks

Even though it is an employee’s job to do their job proficiently, when a task is completed to extreme satisfaction you can guarantee further hard work with a simple “thank you.” It boosts morale, and should anything should come up later your employees won’t feel like you are only there to scold, but also to offer encouragement.

2. Have Fun

It doesn’t have to be a birthday for a little office-wide celebration. A big sale, a new client, a move into a new office- all of these are occasions for a little cake or cookies and acknowledgment to the team for a job well done.

3. Healthy, Happy and Wise

A sense of friendly competition in the workplace mixes things up while not distracting from the workday. Activities as easy as step-counting can create friendly competition during the day, while also encouraging employees to get on their feet. Just by moving more, and regularly, employees can become more focused, happier, and avoid mid-day doldrums.

4. Get outside of the office

Required conferences or team-building retreats can be a fun break from the workplace, but sometimes required trips make them a chore instead of a learning experience. However, providing optional outings to things like baseball games, or creating an office-wide bowling league, or even a March Madness pool has the dual benefit of socializing and building stronger social ties while also encouraging friendships, creating an overall happier workplace.